step inside your dream building, even before it's built.                                                                                                                              

That’s what we can offer you at Riddell Kurczaba—the chance to save money and time by allowing you to enter the space we’ve created together, long before the first hammer swings. We’re here to make sure your feedback leads to immediate change, and ultimately, to a completed project matched exactly with your desires.     

Need to encourage your stakeholders? RK Visualization is one of the most sophisticated studios of its kind performing in the region. Our studio brings together the talents of architects, interior designers, programmers, modelers, graphic designers, and sound specialists in order to produce renderings and animations of your future project that will evoke, excite, and persuade your chosen audience.

But that’s not all. Clients from across the board have made use of our animations and renderings for projects of every kind. Whether you require an animation to boost product sales, or a rendering used to educate a new generation of workers, we’ll make sure you get the highest quality visualization in time for your big presentation.       



This is where it all started for us and it remain the most versatile format for showing projects.

We’d go on, but we’re pretty sure you know what these are. 


Animations can take many forms—from light studies, to captivating marketing videos. Whether you need to sell a project, or explain how something works, we’ve got you covered.

Virtual Reality

The most recent addition to our portfolio, virtual reality (VR) transports you into the worlds we create. Have you ever wanted to feel what it’s like to stand inside of a space as if you were actually there? That’s exactly the type of immersion that VR creates. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourselves.

The Labs

We're always cooking up new stuff in our studio. Sometimes it's something we're passionate about, other times it's a unique client request. Here are some things we're up to right now: 

Video Production
Interactive Displays

For more information on our 3D Visualization team—or if you just want to see more stunning renderings—head over to our dedicated 3D Visualization website.