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At Riddell Kurczaba, we know that school is a about a lot more than just academics. It’s a place where students go to socialize, acculturate, and ultimately learn how to be productive members of society. It’s a microcosm for the world they’ll be sent into after graduating. That’s why our accomplished interior design team studies existing educational environments, technical educational advancements, and modern learning techniques before approaching any project, to make sure that students will benefit from the best possible learning atmosphere.


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Calgary Board of Education (CBE) - Lord Beaverbrook High School Modernization
CBE - National Sports School at Canada Olympic Park
CBE - Renfrew School - Children’s Village School Renovations
CBE - Chaparral Elementary School
CBE - Somerset Elementary School
CBE - Acadia Elementary School Modernization
CBE - Senior High School Modernizations (John Diefenbaker, Central Memorial, Western Canada, Dr. E.P. Scarlett)
CBE - Glamorgan Elementary School Renovations
CBE - Milton Williams Creative Arts Centre Renovations
Wolf Creek School Division No. 72 - Iron Ridge Junior Campus