Better Together

At Riddell Kurczaba, we know that great leaders never walk alone. That’s why RK’s interdisciplinary leadership team has always maintained its commitment to open communication and collaboration—not only with each other, but also with colleagues and clients—to ensure that every project benefits from a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise.

We use partnership as the foundation for our projects, and organization as the building blocks. These aspects are critical in maneuvering in and around potential project obstacles, and further aid us in making sure no resource goes untapped. We strongly believe that our firm’s partnership and leadership models are our secret power, helping us manage a constructive, trust-worthy, and confidence-inspiring project process.




John Riddell

Architect, AAA, aIBC, sAA, mRAIC


John is a Founding Partner of Riddell Kurczaba, and is an established and respected practitioner in Western Canada’s architectural community. He earned his Master of Architecture in 1980 from the University of Manitoba, and has dedicated a 32+ year career to the transformation of our urban landscape through architecture. Willing to challenge the current paradigms of architectural fundamentalism, John is determined to promote the development of buildings that society deems worth preserving. He is also highly entrepreneurial by nature and has supported technology-oriented companies with both their business enterprise and their infrastructure requirements


Ron Kurczaba


Chief Executive Officer

Ron is a Founding Partner of Riddell Kurczaba. A professional engineer by trade, he is fascinated by the evolution of the applied arts, which reflects our civilization’s propensity to create those objects that are at once functionally and aesthetically pleasing. In this synthesis between technology and art within our built environment, he has dedicated much of his 32+ year career in engineering and project management to help bring these ambitious undertakings to fruition. His professional achievements include receiving Project Management certification in 1989 and being one of the founding members of PMI Canada. Ron has also contributed much of his time to supporting the work of several not-for-profit, community-based organizations.


senior leadership team



architect, aAA, mRAIC

Associate | Director

Brook is a Senior Architect who holds a Master of Environmental Design (Architecture) from the University of Calgary which he completed in 1984. An acclaimed architect and artist with 25+ years of experience in institutional, hospitality, residential, and mixed-use projects, Brook is a kindhearted and passionate leader, and also a big thinker, seeing the real, practical world as only a starting place for the possibilities of what might be. His enthusiasm for pushing design to the best it can be is the driving force behind growing and developing ideas into more than thought possible.

SCOTT PENNOCK_Colour_square.jpg

scott pennock 


Managing Director - Interior Design (Calgary)

Scott is an award-winning interior design professional with more than 22 years of diverse experience leading corporate, retail, and residential design projects in Canada, USA, Australia, Singapore and the UK.  He has deep knowledge and skill in all aspects of project delivery from conceptual space planning and design development through drawing production, permitting and construction. He has amassed a large portfolio of successfully executed design projects bringing tremendous credibility and confidence to his clients and project stakeholders. 




Associate | Vice President – Marketing

Since 1998, Niha has been central to Riddell Kurczaba's strong profile and success in the building industry. She relies on an illustrious Human Resources background and keen business acumen to build and manage relationships with clients and supporters, and for marketing the business. Niha is well-recognized in industry circles, and always works resolutely at reinforcing and improving the solid public image of the firm.




Associate | Managing Director – Communications

After receiving a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Hector chose to parlay his diverse analytical, technical and creative skills into a career in communication design and management. He honed his skills through immersion in assorted fields such as journalism, legal editing, print and digital publishing, technical writing, copywriting, and branding/ identity design, and has accumulated 20+ years of both broad-based and focused experience to his credit. Since joining Riddell Kurczaba in 2001, Hector has figured prominently in elevating the standards of the firm's marketing collateral and corporate communications, and he now plays a leading role in propelling the firm's reputation management initiatives.

Kim colour.png

kim  wetsch


Managing Director - Interior Design (edmonton)

Kim brings over 13 years of experience and unmatched enthusiasm to her role at RK.  She views each project as an opportunity to achieve a client’s goals for aesthetics, quality, and cost without compromising function or longevity.  Through the use of space, materials, and furnishings, Kim is focused on creating environments that improve people’s productivity and well-being.



Associate | Director

Paul is a Senior Designer and Project Manager with more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of building design and development. He has been involved in the delivery of a wide range of project types from small individual assignments to several large, complex projects with challenging delivery and budget constraints. In either case, Paul's approach remains the same: focusing on, first and foremost, the needs of the client and providing service in a professional manner. He pays strict attention to quality control and assurance, and is very effective in the coordination of client interest groups, engineers, the constructors, and other specialists. Since 2001, he has led a team of specialists in the provision of design and implementation services on projects for Remington Development Corporation, an industry leader in urban office, retail, warehouse/ distribution, and manufacturing facilities, and commercial land developments.



Architect, aAA, aIBC, mRAIC, lEED® aP

Associate | Managing Director – Architectural Design

Peter is an Architect at Riddell Kurczaba who possesses 20+ years of professional architectural experience with a rich variety of different building portfolios. He studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund and completed his Masters of Architecture in 1996. After having practiced as a licensed and registered Architect in Germany for numerous years, Peter joined Riddell Kurczaba in Calgary as a Designer, deftly applying his contemporary design approach; passion for sustainable design, urban renewal and restoration of historic places; and strong ability in analyzing and solving complex program requirements to myriad projects.