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Have a big mixed-use project in mind?

Our architectural team doesn’t want you to leave anything out! Whether your project needs multiple offices, retail spaces, health services, recreation areas, tenant dwellings, or loading bays, RK’s breadth of knowledge in master planning and development, as well as in community engagement, will satisfy even the most finicky stakeholder.

During the development of the [East Village Master Plan], I was impressed by the questions asked by RK staff, their commitment to provide us with insightful yet realistic ideas, and their knowledge and application of urban development principles.
— Chris Ollenberger, CEO, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation

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Royop Developments - West Springs Mixed-Use Development (schematic design of 5 acres, consisting of a three-storey condominium with 190 units, a 3-storey mixed-use building with retail on the ground floor and residential above, as well as a row of townhouses)
Bri-Mor Developments - West Springs Office Park (schematic design of 5 acres, consisting of a mixed-used building (retail with residential above), two 3-storey 40,000 sq. ft. office buildings, and a row of townhouses)
Confidential Client - Crossroads building (high-rise mixed-use concept including residential and commercial)
Generations Developments - Sage Meadows (multi-family residential and commercial development; concept)