RK Access is the newest service offering from Riddell Kurczaba and represents our continued mission to make architecture more accessible to all.  Continually researching and advocating for higher accessibility standards, we believe the built environment should be a reflection of our society and that everyone should be able to enjoy our spaces and access amenities regardless of physical ability.

We stand firm in our commitment to provide design expertise for persons with disabilities beyond the bare minimum that barrier-free legislation requires. Our mandate is to design spaces that are safe and inviting for all people, especially those for whom design is often a human-made barrier when in fact it should be a human-made connector.

Riddell Kurczaba is proud to serve as one of the few architectural firms in Canada with a registered architect who is also accredited as a RHFAC (Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™) Professional.

At RK Access, we can help you find a clear path to release your project to greater possibilities:

Championing safety and independence • Promoting inclusivity in buildings and spaces • Driving higher levels of community engagement • Enhancing brand reputation through awareness, acknowledgment and action



RK Access




Review and analyze drawings of proposed developments or existing sites and buildings for accessibility.


Propose and develop solutions that address accessibility, construction methods and budgetary constraints.


Develop construction drawings, coordinate specialized sub-consultants and administrate construction.


Serve as a vast resource for international design standards for accessible architecture, and for building codes and life safety. Assist with grassroots advocacy in the fields of education, arts, engineering, research and innovation.


RK Access


Our RK Access team is made up of a diverse group of individuals that bring a breadth of experience to the table. They are also supported by the entire Riddell Kurczaba team of architects, interior designers and project managers.


Read more about the team members below:



Erin Shilliday

Erin Shilliday brings more than 20 years of architectural experience and is the lead for the RK Access team. He oversees all interactions with the Approving Authorities during crucial, early stages of the design process and has continuous involvement during the construction documentation and construction phases. Erin has positioned RK Access to be the first architectural consulting firm in Calgary to focus exclusively on barrier-free design.

Erin is a RHFAC (Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™) Professional and is one of the first members in Canada to achieve this certification.

Nabeel Ramji

Nabeel Ramji is an advocate for accessibility for all. In 2014, he developed a social movement initiative and framework called “Accessibility for All Albertans.” He also volunteers as an advisor for the City of Calgary’s Planning and Development group, as well as Calgary Neighbourhoods and Employment and Social Development Canada, and was appointed by the Alberta government in June 2017 to serve on the Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities. Nabeel’s lived experience of using a power wheelchair his entire life due to cerebral palsy, combined with his vision to make accessibility in design the norm instead of the exception, offers clients and their projects the benefit of a realistic and evidence-based perspective.


Kimberly Karn

Kimberly Karn brings over 15 years of experience working with Provincial, National & International Building Codes and regulatory standards. Kim has developed and presented numerous continuing education seminars related to Building Code, fire protection and life safety.

If you would like additional information on any of the services that we offer, please contact us or download our RK Access brochure using the links below.