Value Engineering

NWR Non-Process Buildings, redwater, alberta

In order to create a series of non-process, occupied buildings in Northern Alberta, North West Redwater Partnership (NWR) appointed RK, PCL Construction Management, and a team of sub-consultants to engage a rigorous Design-Build process. Within this framework, RK’s design team conducted meetings with all relevant parties in order to best move forward with facilitating and supporting multiple design stages, value engineering and gate reviews, and IFC drawings for a Control/ Administration building, a Fire Hall/ Warehouse/ Maintenance building, a Reactor Assembly building, a Security building, as well as Hazmat and Bundle Wash facilities built to code.

Additionally, RK’s value engineering was analyzed during IFC, and was largely developed for NWR’s review. The gathered information proved integral to the coordination of all involved consultants and constructors, and aided in the acquisition of specific, detailed operational information regarding NWR’s departmental functions and interrelations. Due to the blast risks associated with related processes, all buildings within the risk radius were to be constructed to be able to resist an anticipated blast pressure of 1.9 psi.

The Control/ Administration building was certified LEED® Silver.

RK was also responsible for the interiors. Click here to view project.


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